lunes, 10 de agosto de 2015

11. Allison Pearson and her teen dream.

Good morning everyone and welcome to The Spirit of Words, the blog where every month we talk about a different author and the experiences in their life that make them write as they do. As you could see, in July we started with a very recent author. In August, following the same line, I am coming with another author from our time: Allison Pearson and her book "I think I love you".

Allison Pearson (1960- Currently) works as a writer in a newspaper in Wales. Her life has always been very related to the world of journalist, since she is one of them writing in the "Daily Mail" as a columnist. Her undoubtedly successfull book "I think I love you" came after her best seller "I don't know how she does it", which is her very first novel and well-known for the study of the modern motherhood. That study helped her to develop her last novel, the so called "I think I love you", in which she has described perfectly the dilemmas a thirteen-years-old girl usually go through during her adolescence. At the same time, she is able to express how that teen girl can feel when she becomes a mother.

The story with the singer has little to do with her, to be honest, since it is something that she has been searching for, talking to David Cassidy itself and some fans of him who told their experiences in his concerts and so. I really like that investigation, that time spent looking for real facts to express in the paper, that provides the book with originality and success.

I think that her own experiences as a mother can have help her to increase the level of the plot. However, although the story is good, its lenght make it a bit difficult to read. But in general, it is a book to enjoy. Undoubtedly you will laught, because some of the things that happen to the main character may seem unreal, but believe me, sometimes they happen.

For sure, this is a book for those who have had an idol during their adolescence. If that is your case, you will feel identified with many of the pages that the author describes.

I hope you like this book as much as I liked. See you in September with a new one!!