jueves, 16 de julio de 2015

10. New Authors: María Villalón.

Hi everyone and welcome to "The Spirit of Words" once again! After a few months in which I have not been able to write anything at all because of university issues, I am back. I feel full of energy to work hard writing about new authors. It is June and it is time for pleasure, joy and to get new books for our shelves, That is why this month I want to talk about the last book that I have bought, "El insólito viaje de una gota de lluvia", by María Villalón.

María Villalón (1989 - Currently) is a youngster with promise in the literary world who is getting popular with her first novel in the category of literature for teenagers. This lady has been working since she was 14 years old to achieve her dream, to become a singer, when she recorded her first CD and sold it out by knocking door by door. After it, she took part in the TV show called "The X Factor" in the Spanish television where she became winner. Since then, she has recorded several albums and make people fall in love with her voice and songs. She also studied Spanish literature because she also loves books and literature. And this is the reason why she decided to write a book, something that she has done successfully combining her both hobbies making them one.

I am sorry to tell you that once that you have read that short story you already know what the book is about. It is really easy to find authobiographical details, although they are a bit modified and some others have been added. These have been described in such a way that it becomes difficult to stop reading the story of Atena, the main character. The truth is that it is an easy book to read in which we can see the path that the singer has walked through for years and it is a very good beginning in literature, specially if she addresses to young people who are willing to achieve their dreams.

As I have said before, it is well written, although there are some mistakes in the spelling of some words throughout the book, but nothing important really. The development of the story is not boring, plots, and there are some facts that will surprise the reader, or at least, they did surprise me. In addition, at the end of the book there is a quote that I have taken from it and that I love because it summurises the philosophy of life that we all should follow to be happy.

Something odd that you can find in it is that you will discover the album in the end of the book in which all the songs composed and sang by the main character are included, obviously sang and composed by María Villalón. This way, she goes from a town to another selling her book at the same time that she goes on concert as a unique project quite new in our country, so that you will be able to get your book signed by her and the experience of a great concert.

And that's all. I hope you all like this book and enjoy reading it as much as I did, and I hope you tell me whether you like it or not.

A big hug, and see you in August,