lunes, 9 de marzo de 2015

9. Nikos Kazantzakis and his existencialist ideas.

Hello everybody!! I am back home and ready to do my best at "The Spirit of Words", the place where, as you already know, we talk about a different author every month to see what happened in their lives to write as they do. This time, I did not choose an American, British or Spanish author, but a Greek one. As you already know, I have not written for a long time because I was in Greece, and while being there, I learnt many things about that country's culture, among them, some topics related to literature, so this is why today I would like to let you know about Nikos Kazantzakis and his book "The Last Temptation".

Nikos Kazantzakis (1883 - 1957) was a Greek author who came from the island of Crete and is considered one of the most important authors (sometimes the most important) in the twentieth century. When he was a child, he was a brilliant student at a Catholic school in the island of Naxos, something that made his faith in God stronger. Then, he moved to Athens to study law and then to Paris to study philosophy under the influence of Henri Bergson's spiritualist ideas. These ideas led him to create some heroes that are always present in his works, and those heroes have the characteristics that they suffer for other people, they try to save  the people they love through their own suffering. Therefore, we can see here also a bit of individualism.

We can see that he had his own way of thinking, and it was very critizied by the institution of the Church since he showed a Jesus Crist who refused God at some point of the story, and Church did not like this at all. But either way, I think it is a very interesting point of view, and even I like it more than the Catholic one.

We can see in his work this influence very deeply because actually the name of his book is "The Last Temptation", and it's about Jesus Christ. Well.. not exactly, it's just the expression of his ideas about faith and religion through this character, so it dffers a lot of the Bible or any other idea that we can have from any religious book.

Also, in some other books, that individualism that we were talking about before is very present and clear to see in some passages and characters who isolate themselves just to think, talk to God or get some point that they need.

And in general is a very recommendable book since it does not give the same idea that we all have in our heads about Christians and prayers and those things, so just try to have a look at the book, and you will see that you like it. Just remember that it requires a high level of understanding, a mature reading and a lot of time since it is a very detailled story. But in general terms, you will like and enjoy it.

And that is all for March. This is the Greek author that I read during my stay in Greece and I think it is really worth it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Hugs and see you in April!