martes, 20 de enero de 2015


Hello, my dear readers!

How are you? I just hope that everything is going great! In my last entry I said that I would not write again until March, because I am suppose to be doing my Erasmus in Athens and bla bla bla... and I will! But today it is a very special day because THE SPIRIT OF WORDS IS ONE YEAR OLD!! 

I know many of you were quite happy to see that I am writing again, but this is not true at all... I mean, I will write again in two months with new books and authors, as I said, but meanwhile, from now on, I will let you also read some articles and reports that I wrote for Bloggerizados (written in Spanish), a blogger community in which I have been taking part for almost one year so far.

I hope you enjoy these new articles!

See you very soon!