lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2014

The Spirit of Words is ON HOLIDAY.

Hello everybody!! This is "The Spirit of Words", and it's September. This month I have something to tell you, and this time it's not about any author that I have read.

This time I write to tell you that as I have been working during all the summer in blogs, now I go on holiday. Really!! In September!! The truth is that this holiday is going to be a bit long, since it will last until March. Where am I going? I'm going to Athens, Greece. Well, it's not on holiday exactly, but I'll be there for five months and a half because I'll be studying there with an Erasmus scholarship, so I will take it as a chance to see new places and discover new authors to talk when I am back. This way, I will focus on the activities that the city offers me to get full of experiences, too.

So, this is nt a good-bye, believe me, this is only a "see you soon" and therefore, see you in March!!