lunes, 14 de julio de 2014

7. Jules Verne as the father of science fiction.

Hello everyobody and welcome to "The Spirit of Words", a place where every month we talk about a different author in order to see what experiences in their lives have affected to their writings! It's July, it's summer and I feel like travelling, so this month I chose Jules Verne and his book "Around the World in Eighty Days" to enjoy a quite long trip.

Jules Verne (1828 - 1905), originally known as Jules Gabriel Vernes, is a French author who wrote novels, poetry and playwrights which are well known for their adventure plots and the science fiction. When he was a child, he was always playing with his imagination, something that will be really usefull for his future life as a writer. When he was only twelve, he was taken on as a cabin boy to sail in a ship over the ocean, and although his parents adviced him not to go, he wanted to do it, and he did. It was under the promise of not going abroad again unless it is in his imagination. This is why some people consider him "the father of science fiction".

He wrote a total of 65 books, among some of the most important ones are "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea", "Around the World in Eighty Days" or "Jorney to the Center of The Earth". He finally died in 1905 after being blind, depressed and retired.

As we have mentioned before, in this post I am dealing with the book "Around the World in Eighty Days", a book which is a clear example of what this man was: a person who liked to travel to live new adventures, and who had a great imagination to fulfill them when it was possible. If you read it, you will see that his mind starts to work in a new plan whenever something goes wrong: if his ship cannot sail, he will look for another; if they run out of coal to sail, he will burn part of the ship to reach their destiny on time. He spent a long time in problems that did not concern him, so he lost some of the packet boats that he needed to take to reach another point, but being lucky and having money he got other differents that made him to take land when he needed, and this is, ladies and gentlemen, the most important influence of his life in the book: the way his mind plays games with the adventure that he was writing to solve the problem that the main character had, the ability to create a new way, a new character to help him to reach London before eighty days... this is the key of the book. It's really amazing to read this book, I really recommend it.

And that's all, my friends! I hope you liked it! As always, thank you for your time reading this post, and if you want to comment something, or add something or whatever, you can do it by posting it in a comment as long as you are as polite as possible towards the rest of the people who read this blog.

See you in August!