lunes, 16 de junio de 2014

6. Tom Sharpe and Wilt, a comedy like no other.

Hello everybody and welcome to "The Spirit of Words"! It's June and I have a very special proposal to talk about this month. This author is my favourite one from my adolescence and I, as well as many others, consider him as one of the best writers who make the reader laugh. Maybe you are thinking that it's not enough to consider this entry as a "special one", so let me tell you that in this month, a year ago, that is, the 6th of June of 2013, he died. Do you know who is he? He is Tom Sharpe!

Tom Sharpe (1928 - 2013) was a British author well known for his comic style in his books. He studied History at the University of Cambridge, although he worked as a photographer and a teacher of white children in some boarding schools in South Africa, but he was deported for sedision. When he was 52, he wrote his first play called Natal.

He ended by refusing his faith in God, even though his father was an Anglican vicar. In 1986 he received the Nobel Prize of Black Humour and in 1995 he moved on to Spain, where he lived until 2013, the year when he died.

In general terms, we can say that he was an incredible man who was able to enjoy the tiniest details of life just laughting at worries. He saw that in his country the political system did not work, so he decided to move on to Spain, as well as he decided to go away from usual civilization to work with children who were in need in poor countries such as the ones in South Africa. There, he could put into practice the things he learnt about social anthropology. It was so, that he even could start up a business on photography.

One of his most famous book is the trilogy of "Wilt", which tells the story of a man who does not deal with his wife, so in his imagination he plans how to kill her, but never tries it. One day he and his wife are invited to a barbacue with their new neighbors and there something happens to Wilt, something that the readers must discover. The thing is that throughout the passages described in the novel we are going to laugh a lot because he takes this as an opportunity to criticize several things with which he did not agree. Some of them are marriage, the social snobbery, the educational system and the justice in England. We must take into account that he knew what he was talking about since he studied at a very prestigious universty.

Just as a curiosity, you even can see a film about this book, which has the same title "Wilt". It was published in 1989, and the plot is the same, but in my opinion the book is much better and is tidier than the film. But it is up to you to read or to watch each of them, or maybe you prefer to work on both versions!

Well, that's all. Thank you so much for your time reading this entry and, as always, if you want to comment something you can do it by posting a comment in a polite way. By the way, I won't be available in any other social network since I deleted all of them, I just was tired of them, so anything you want to share you can do it here and be sure I will check it as soon as possible.

See you in July!