lunes, 12 de mayo de 2014

5. Stephen Crane, and the courage.

Hello everyone and welcome to "The Spirit Of Words", a place where once in a month you have a date with me. This time, I have prepared a new author to talk about who has become one of the most important ones in North American literature because of his realism and psicologic sense described in his novels. He is Stephen Crane!

Stephen Crane (1871 - 1900) was a really hard-working man who was employed as a journalist in poor countries. This and his own poverty made him think about writing his first novel, although it was not very successeful. He did some trips with his brother to live in first person the problems in civil wars around the world. In fact, he even was sent to Greece to report the conflict between that country and Turkey. Then, as you can imagine, in his writings he focused on the daily jobs of people who were in those poor conditions because of  wars. When he died, he was only twenty eight years old, but by that age he already had have published around twelve books.

He wrote several novels such as "Maggie, a girl of the streets" or "The open boat", but his most successful work was "The red badge of courage", that although he never did military service, this novel tells the experience of a young boy who attend the war to prove his own courage. This story is marked by the naturalism and the realism with which the author describes everything the boy sees, or everything the boy feels. It is true that the books sometimes becomes really difficult to read because of the extreme pessimistic mood that it is shown, but I think everybody can enjoy it a lot.

The book is very easy to follow and there are some parts where you may even get lost, but, believe it or not, you will find quickly the way and will keep on ready without any problem. The main reason, from my point of view, to relish it is that everybody has a moment in their lives to prove themselves, to think what we really want or need to be happy, so I have felt very indentified with the main character in that sense. He does it by attending a war to realize that it is not necessary to kill people to be a real man, that even men can feel scared in some moments. It think that there's no words to describe it as well as by reading it.

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