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4. Nathaniel Hawthorne, living in a puritanical society.

Hello, everybody! I'm back once again to talk to you about a different author, as I do every month. This time, I will deal with one who comes from North America, who lived in nineteen century and who plays a very important role in English literature because of his way of thinking and puritanical ideas applied in society. Can you imagime who is him? Of course, he is Nathaniel Hawthorne!!

Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804 - 1864) was a man who wrote several novels and tales in which he let us see the influence that puritarism had on him. It was so big that he even treated some topics as punishment for things that maybe nowadays are seen as normal, but in those times, with that ideology, were considered as a significant sin. Society takes an important role in his works to make us see how his ideas were, too. In addition, his trascendental ideas also fed his particular style when writing.

Another interesting point about him is the fact that he changed his surname. Believe me, he did! The thing is that one of his ancestors took part in the witches chasing, and he disagreed with it, so he decided to add a "w" to his original surname, which was Hathorne, to show his disapproval to such behaviour and, therefore, it became similar, but not the same.

One of his most important books is "The Scarlet Letter", a book where all his ideas about puritarism and trascendentalism are explained through the characters of Hester and Arthur Dimmesdale who commited adultery together. The way that the people in the market looked at her during her punishment is the most evident example of that strict society. However, it would not be the same in the case that the man is the one who commits that adultery, who cheats on his wife, because for them it is like a triumph and something to clap for. So people tried to give her more and more punishments.

This is an example that Hawthorne sent us to explain how human nature works when it is under some ideas which are shared with a determined society. Maybe a lonely person could have tried to save her from such barbarities, but not, it did not happen because everybody had the same thinking and they wouldn't break the rules established by transcendentalism throughout the time. So, as we can notice, the influence of his surroundings and the enviroment he lived in are very present in his work.

Well... in my opinion, in a modern version of this story it would be a woman who codemns men to that public humilliation for cheating on her. It think that it is fair to pay for mistakes in the same way for both sexes, isn't it? So, this is one of the most important book of the North American literature and I hope it to be helpful to you.

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