lunes, 17 de marzo de 2014

3. Miguel de Unamuno, a faithfull man to his own style.

Welcome once again to "The spirit of words", a place where every month is dedicated to a different author about whom we talk to understand what it is contained in his or her words. This month I have read about a man who created the concept of "nivola", who wrote using his own style in all his works, and who never stopa surprising us. Do you know who is him? He is Miguel de Unamuno!

Miguel de Unamuno (1864 - 1936) was a Spanish writer who belonged to the group of writers of Generation of 98s whose main characteristic is a very pessimistic mood towards life because of a really bad situation in the country in the period he lived in. He refused to believe empirical facts, because he preferred to give a bigger importance to the presence of God in our destinies. Thus, he thought that everything happens for a reason, a reason that God has prepared for us. This takes him to think about the human existance and its importance in this life, reaching a contradictory point where a part of himself loves the independence in respect of God, and the other part needs him living in his heart.

As I have mentioned at the very beginning, he created a famous concept: "nivola". It is a type of novel which followed the rules that himself invented, and this is his most important contribution to literature. He applied that model to all his works. In the book called "Niebla" ("Mist", in English) he says: 

"¡Nivola! Así nadie tendrá derecho a decir que deroga las leyes de su género...Invento el género, e inventar un género no es más que darle un nombre bueno, y le doy las leyes que me place. ¡Y mucho diálogo!", which means something similar to "Nivola! Now nobody will be able to say that it revokes the laws of their genre... I invent the genre, and iventing a genre is nothing but giving it a good name, and I give it the laws that I want. And a lot of dialogue!".

This book, which is divided into thirty three chapters, tells the story of a man who falls in love with a woman and tries to flirt her, although they don't know each other personally. He must marry her in order to delete all the doubts about his own existance because he thinks he finally will be happy if he does. Those doubts are called "mist", and he tries really hard to keep on through it asking for some help to some friends and even the girl's family. As he seems not to get rid of it, he ends up by wanting to commit suicide, and, at the end, in final chapters, the author plays at being God with the main character drawing a smile in our faces, but I entrust you the mission of discovering whether he finally dies or not. Although it seems a bit confusing, I can make you sure that you will laugh a lot reading this book.

And that's all in March. I hope you to have enjoyed it and you to like Miguel de Unamuno as much as I like. The thing is that I already read about this author three years ago and I fell in love with his works, and I really felt like reading his books again, so this is the result. Do you want to comment something about it? Have you ever felt that "mist" in any aspect of your life?

Before ending the entry, I want to say that I honestly appreciate all your comments (both in the blog and out of it) and I aim you to keep on doing it. Thank you so much.

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See you in April!