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1. Homer, the origin of literature.

Good morning, afternoon or night (depending on the moment when you read me) and welcome to "The spirit of words", a little room where month by month we will analize different literature works! As I told you in the first entry, the author we will talk about is very special. Why? It is very easy: he is the first known author of literature. Do you know already who I refer to? Yes, he is Homer!

Homer (VII B. C.) is the most important writer of Greek and Latin culture, considered as the author of so influential works such as the "Oddyssey" and the "Iliad", which are epic poems written, originally, in verse and narrate the great feat of Oddysseus and Ulisses respectively. Coming from the ancient Greece, he has been one of the most acclaimed author by lots of philosophers, philologists, poets and lovers of literature in general, since his life has been a total mistery: everything we know about his biography (where he lived, who he lived with, where he travelled, his studies...) are estimations, approximations and hypothesises that are considered true until the moment when we prove they are wrong, since they are doubtful. That is so, that even there are people who has questioned his own authorship about the "Oddyssey" and the "Iliad" because of some contradictions that we can find within these works. But anyway, that is something that we won't talk about right now.

As we have told previously, among some other poems, the most important works by the considered "father of literature" are the "Oddyssey" and the "Iliad", and we are going to focus on the first one. Maybe one day we will let a little room to this author again to talk about his other work.

First of all, we must know that what it is going to be told in the "Oddyssey" is no more than Oddysseus' story about how he tries (I won't write the final result to let you read it) to come back Ithaca, the place where he is from, after twenty years: ten wasted in Troyan war, and another ten years living adventures in his way home. The book is divided into twenty-four cantos written in prose. It is a work with an omniscient author in which mythological elements are really present. Among them, we can name, for instance, goddes, Cyclops, sirens and so on... those beings so common from classic Greek culture.

In my opinion, it is possibe that his work becomes a bit difficult to read if you don't have a brief idea of goddes. Moreover, it is a book a bit long, but I can make you sure that reading the "Oddyssey" is worth it; after all, it is the first literature work and, somehow, all the books we read nowadays are very influenced by this one.

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